7 Signs You Might Need a Security Guard For Your Business

Maybe you need a security guard service if …


7 Signs You Might Need a Security Guard For Your Business1. You’re having issues with security control systems. – Security control systems are costly to keep in top condition. Without maintenance, these types of systems can become a useless access point and unable to protect your business. Security guards, unlike unmanned electronic security control systems, can protect entrances.

2. You’re nervous about criminal behavior in your parking lots – Parking lots without security are hotbeds for thievery and defacement of property. Having a security guard on staff will keep your business, your property, and your customers/employees safe as they enter and exit your parking lot.

3. You’re worried about employee theft – Employee theft is a big problem for some businesses. A security guard posted on the premises will discourage from taking inventory.

4. The neighborhood your business services, is experiencing a rise in violence or thefts. If crime is on the rise in your area, you may need to hire a security guard temporarily or permanently to combat the negative changes. A security guard from Eagle Protective Group can help diminish the risk of theft, destruction of property, burglaries and more.

5. There’s a delay in police response in your area – Due to budget cuts or ill-fitted numbers of police officers assigned to your area, a request in times of an emergency may not result in help in a timely fashion. Our security guards are trained in multiple first aid techniques as well as physical training to overcome and subdue criminals at the time the crime is committed. Why wait for help when you need help now!

6. Worried about Liability issues from theft or robberies – Having an armed security guard on staff to prevent and stop a robbery can reduce future liability claims from customers and employees involved in an emergency situation. Statistically speaking, an armed security guard provides a visual deterrent to most criminals.

7. Worried about your employees leaving late at night. – Eagle Protective Group security guards provide protection for your employees that must work late night shifts. Our security guards will escort your employees to their vehicles so they may leave safely.
If you think you’ve come across some of these issues with your business, you need to consult with us and we’ll find the right security method to protect you, your property, your employees and your business. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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