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What does it take to be a great EPG security guard?

Are you looking for a new job or a new career?

Why not start with Eagle Protective Group? We offer job training and commensurate skilled employees with a great salary!  To learn more about finding out if you’re a great match for EPG, learn below about what we look for in a candidate!

When EPG interviews individuals as potential representatives of our company, these characteristics are important to us:

Eagle Protective Group is Hiring the Best!

  • Trustworthy
  • A “Sixth Sense”
  • Disposition
  • Common Sense
  • Healthy – Physically Fit


Our clients demand superior interaction with security personnel from our Dallas and New York City offices. Security personnel are required to be trustworthy as they provide security patrolling services for a wide variety of individuals and companies in the Dallas area. A person with integrity and honesty is invaluable to Eagle Protective Group.

A “Sixth Sense”:

Have you ever heard that little voice inside you warn you that something isn’t quite right? Have you always been able to read people’s behavior or face expressions accurately? Being alert is key to a successful career as a security guard in our Dallas or New York City offices. It can also be a learned skill but if you’ve always been able to read people, and highly active perception for your surroundings, this is a prized attribute to being a Dallas security guard for Eagle Protective Group.

Disposition – Personality:

Do you find yourself calm when the situation would expect a normal person to act out in anger? Eagle Protective Group prides itself on employees that can handle an array of situations to protect property and life. If you are quick to anger, being a security guard is probably not the best career choice to make. It takes an even keeled person to work out arguments, or diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

Common Sense:

An EPG security guard uses logic and reason to make decisions on the fly. Our security guards can’t rush to judgment when making important job related decisions. Your disposition goes hand in hand with common sense.

Healthy – Physically Fit

Many people think a security guard must be physically fit to break up an altercation or chase down a suspect, but guess what, it’s also about being fit to stand or sit still for hours on end when on patrol.

Your core, when fit, helps stabilize your back and central body when performing what is probably the hardest part of many jobs, not just security patrols. Standing and sitting for long periods of time is hard on the back (and body), and if you are out of shape, your body is going to pay for that with lasting pain or possible injury.
Being quick to action and remaining still for hours on end requires a physically fit individual.

Do you think you have all of these qualities?

Then Eagle Protective Group wants to hire you!

Your security guard career with us could include:

  • Patrolling schools, churches, and businesses to protect client investments.
  • Being an armed security guard
  • Being an unarmed security guard
  • Personal detail security guards for schools, events, churches, and executive or VIP personnel.
  • Private investigation services.
  • We offer our clients so much more, including our exemplary employees…that could be you!

Find a great career in security with Eagle Protective GroupApply today to start your career in security with Eagle Protective Group. Fill our application and one of our staff will contact you for an interview!

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Do You Need To Hire Executive Protection Dallas Services?

When there are high profile events, hosted by high profile individuals, a special and unique security situation is created.

The most targeted individuals are the executives that include businesspersons, political figures and other important personalities. Apart from the residential and commercial security systems that are now used widely around the United States, security companies are now focusing on the important personalities that are often the target of terrorists, or psychotic individuals. Keeping the level of vulnerability of popular personalities in mind, they have come up with executive protection Dallas services.

While we can never imagine when and where we might be faced with an undesirable situation, having effective security measures by our side is the smart choice in today’s world. If we recall the incident when former U.S. president, George W. Bush was attacked by a shoe, the same thing, which happened with the former prime minister of Australia, John Howard in 2010 as well and other political personalities around the world, we can learn the lesson that executive protection is becoming a necessity.

If you are still unsure, whether your executives require protection then the latest incident will scare you to your core. If you watch news regularly then you might have heard of the March 4 incident with Mark Lippert who is the U.S. ambassador to South Korea. He was attacked with a 10-inch knife by a Korean national activist. Now, if you deeply analyze the situation, if such an important personality can be attacked then we can openly say that no one is safe.

Even a country that has a bunch of safety laws in place is not capable of protecting their own executives. People and organizations have largely turned to private security companies that offer executive protection services.

If the question as to how executive protection differs from normal security protection is circulating in your head then here is what you need to know about executive protection  services.

Executive protection, alternatively known as close personal protection, refers to security measures taken to protect VIP’s because of their designation, status or popularity.

  • Executive protection mainly focuses on personal protection rather than a geographical area.
  • It may also be extended for immediate family or members of the extended family.
  • As opposed to general security measures that often include unarmed and untrained security guards, executive protection is provided by trained and armed professionals who are not just physically capable of mitigating risks but also mentally prepared for it.
  • Executive protection can also include personal escort services from one place to another.
  • Executive protection offers a more secured personal space than other security services.
  • Other protective measures in executive protection Dallas include:
    • Bodyguards
    • Home Security Systems
    • Mail Screening
    • Background Checks
    • Private Jet Travels
    • Armored Vehicles
    • Vehicle Scramble Plans
    • Top-notch Arms & Weapons
    • Other Security Communication Devices

The need to hire executive protection services depends on what does your life cost and who can benefit in case of your death? Do you need to look after your family or do you have a fortune that is at risk of being stolen or acquired illegally? Do you have connections with a highly influential and secret organization that will do anything to protect their secrets?

Not many organizations opt for executive protection because the benefits are yet to be known. Most inexperienced security providers often misguide companies and lure them into hiring their services, charging a bunch of dollars for something that they are not capable of providing.

If you are in search of a security provider that offers executive protection services, then you might want to look into a couple of things that assures you, you have handed over the responsibility of your protection in the right hands. Here is what you need to look for:

  • A Licensed U.S. Security Provider
  • Training Certificates
  • Arms & Weapons License
  • Fully Equipped Training Facility
  • Skill Set of Security Guards and Agents
  • Experience (Number of Years)
  • Client Testimonials

Now that you are all set and have the necessary information, you can assess the level of security you require according to your designation or status. Just keep in mind that nothing is more important than your life and taking safety and security measures like executive protection  services can make you feel a lot safer than any other security service.

Eagle Protective Group is a licensed security provider of executive protection Dallas services. Our clients have trusted us with their lives for years and we strive to provide them a level of security that is unmatched. For more information, visit

Eagle Protective Group – Devoted To Making the World a Safer Place

With over 20 years of experience in the private security industry, Eagle Protective Group has been serving a range of clients with a variety of needs effortlessly.

The system we have designed to hire employees after careful screening and background checks and the level of training provided to individuals to tackle challenges is hands-down, the best system any security provider could possibly have in place. In a bid to stay on top of the technological advancements, we have ongoing sessions to educate our security personnel on latest gadgets for communication and comprehensive security systems that will improve the level of services we offer.

Eagle Protective Group security services include the following:

  • Security Patrols

If you want your streets to be safer, then Eagle Protective Group security  include security patrols to make the streets safer for your kids to play or keep illegal activities and committers off the streets.

  • Security Guards

Commercial places like office parks, restaurants, banks and other small businesses need a form of security to prevent any unforeseen event. We have a trained force of armed and unarmed security guards to meet our client needs. Our security guards are physically fit, active individuals that are prepared to face any situation, and it mostly does not reach to the point where weapons will be required. The mere presence of a security guard should act as a deterrent to crime, which Eagle Protective Group security specializes in.

  • Personal Bodyguards

Bodyguards are an add-on feature of security guards. Personal bodyguards will protect your life from any harm that comes your way. He / she will be your closest confidant, a person you can trust with your life.

  • Private Investigation Services

Several times, a situation turns complex and confusing and you might require private investigation services. Eagle Protective Group security is capable of offering surveillance, individual and location information from all over United States. Additionally, we also provide GPS vehicle tracking, undercover investigations, litigation support, automobile insurance fraud, witness locator services etc.

  • Executive Protection Services

When it comes to VIP protection, Eagle Protective Group has a wide variety of clients who will applaud our services. Our activities, when providing executive protection to our clients, include active protection for the residence and offices or hotel suites, highly guarded escorts, risk assessments, fleet of security vehicles etc.

  • Transportation Services

Terrorists have resorted to criminal activities during travel therefore; Eagle Protective Group has introduced transportation services. We offer security to our high-profile clients during their travel, ensuring their safety until they reach their destination. Our security personnel assume their responsibilities as soon as you reach your destination to give you the complete Eagle security experience.

Eagle Protective Group hires individuals that are either, former members of the law enforcement agencies or a part of the U.S. military. Our rigorous training procedures and timely responses to emergency security calls have been appreciated by our clients. Go through some of our client testimonials on our website to get an idea of our credibility.

Eagle Protective Group security services are provided by the Eagle Protective Group, a reputed Dallas, Texas security firm. We believe in securing every street on a daily basis to make the world a safer place for everyone. For more information on Eagle Protective Group security, visit or call us on our toll free number, 888 85 Eagle. You can also contact us via email through

Executive Protection Dallas – One of Many Services by EPG

Ben Carson - VIP Protectection by Eagle Protective Group 10/21/2015This past week, Eagle Protective Group had the privilege of providing security for Presidential hopeful and author Ben Carson. At EPG, we treat our VIP clients with the utmost respect, care and seriousness. Their secure protection is important especially with so many interested parties eager to speak with our client. Our goal is to cater your security goals with our know how and create the perfect security protection detail for VIPS, businesses, residences, and individuals.

To learn a little more about our Executive protection services, read on:

Executive protection Dallas has become a major concern over the past few years. It has been a major issue at airports and hotels because these places are more likely to be visited by executives and VIPs. Gone are the days when only airports needed extra security, now hotels are not considered safe as well. Especially after the two recent bomb blasts in a Jakarta hotel at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott, which were considered safe as they have been reputed hotels. If the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott can be attacked by bomb blasts, then any hotel in the world can be and is at risk.

Executive protection Dallas is a two way process especially when it comes to providing executive protection in hotels. The first rule for executives is not to gain any negative attention or make enemies. Since executives attract a lot of envy as it is, if they make enemies it can become difficult to keep them safe especially when in public.

If the executive who requires security is particularly at threat, they must cultivate a professional network with security staff of the hotel and meet their security head to discuss and seek the advice the hotel’s security can provide them before arrival. This might seem like a hassle initially but with all the threats to large hotels and causalities that have occurred in the past, it is best to take precautionary measures.

Here are some ways to ensure executive protection in hotels from the executive’s end.

When you go to a hotel, ask for assistance to ensure safety and convenience. This assistance could mean anything from a private use of the elevator to special parking privileges, use of a private elevator, additional security patrols close to your room or suite, and so on. Also, ask your personal assistant to remind the hotel that these extra precautionary measures are taken for the security of the executive and the hotel itself.

Following this, executives will ensure their privacy and security at the hotel where they are staying. This individual effort will also help in building a stronger relationship with the hotel and its security team, which can come in handy if the executive is a frequent visitor. Also, the hotel will be able to understand your needs in a better way and will offer improved services and a high level of protection and security to the executive. It is important to remember that the executive cannot be completely safe until he or she and the hotel work together to achieve this goal.

The hotel’s security system and security staff aim to provide protection to the guests but it is on the executive to take maximum advantage from these measures. So discuss your needs with them to make sure they understand how you differ from their normal guests and the kind of protection and security you require. Once you do that, the services they provide can be rather remarkable since hotels have started realizing the importance of executive protection, it is not too difficult to achieve this goal.

Why You Might Want Private Security

Eagle Protective Group is a security guard company in Dallas that you can count on for your private security needs, if you need us, we’re there. For a free consultation, please contact us and we’ll be happy to go over your personal or business security needs.


So why do people and firms buy private security?

Security firms know about their clients’ different needs and consequently are able to better market their items and services effectively. The overall idea would be to shield you, however a personal individual have a different group of security demands than corporate and retail companies.

Private people usually need security against immediate or potential risks whereas corporate and retail companies have different causes of employing private security apart from for defense. Listed here are several reasons why companies would want private security:

  • Regulation compliance
  • Reaction to a current event
  • Gain competitive edge on their rivals
  • Show effort and diligence within their services

What kinds of security do companies and ordinary people need?

The growing requirement for both personal and proprietary protection in a variety of configurations has boosted various kinds of security, each using its own qualities and benefits. Security may either function as the provision of highly-trained officials on the website, or installing high-quality security products for example security systems and CCTVs.

With respect to the client’s personal or business concerns, private security firms can offer protection by means of guards, carpark participants, mobile patrol response teams for the organization, or protection for that personal safety of proprietors and officials. Private security comprises both personnel and equipment to avoid damage to property and loss. Private security firms also develop security methods against current and perceived risks and supply protection and crowd control throughout special occasions.

How can people and firms choose the best kinds of security?

Private security firms have to know and comprehend the reasons their specific marketplaces make the most of their professional services. Getting this understanding increases their likelihood of establishing service contracts that match the client’s needs.

Private companies should begin a practice of watching the marketplace to find out their potential clients’ most pressing needs. Knowing why people and firms hire security companies can help firms provide the best way forward to clients. Security firms should start assessing how their items and services are promoted, getting rid of trivial sales talks and changing all of them with more client-centered counsel to be able to convince clients they need private protection.

Clients do the hiring of non-public security firms like a reaction to risks against their companies or their personal lives.

Here’s a listing of steps clients take when determining which kinds of security will give you them the security they require:

1) Measure the threat

  • See whether the threat is definitely an isolated or recurring situation.
  • See whether the threat is targeted in an individual or even the companies an entire.

2) Decide whether the seriousness of the threat requires protection.

  • Assess your present ability to solve the issue by yourself.
  • Determine the kind of threat and just what damages it’s leading to.
  • Determine regardless if you are able to creating countermeasures to supply immediate protection from the threat.

3) Talk to private security experts regarding the kinds of protection that are offered.

  • Determine what you are safeguarding and that you are safeguarding against.
  • Determine the best type of security which will shield you from the threat.
  • Hire security personnel, or purchase security products for the houses and/or companies.

Eagle Protective Group takes great care in understanding our customer’s security patrol needs. Whether you need us for a short event, or long term for your church or school, EPG can cater our services to fit your exact profile.

We also offer VIP Protection services such as:

  • Body Guards
  • Concierge Services
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Executive Protection Agents
  • Private Investigative Services
  • VIP Luxury Living Protection
  • VIP Transportation and more!

Contact us to find out how we can protect you or your business. 

About the author: Danny Bob is a professional content writer. You can read more of his work by clicking here.


Choosing the Best Security Option through Executive Protection Austin

Security is the most discussed factor in today’s world with people striving for effective security measures every now and then. In the wake of various incidents that exceed the level of terrorism in the world today, there is a dire need of significant security measures that may prevent any unwanted incident. There are various types of security services, which are provided by the leading security guard agencies, which cater the needs of different customers.

If you are willing to hire the services of a compatible security guard agency that can make you work with safety and protection, executive protection Austin comes as the most convenient option for the executives as the agency strives to maintain its quality through strict disciplinary measures.

Responsibilities of a Security Guard

Security guard agencies hire competent security guards after reviewing them through every aspect. The effectiveness of a particular security guard agency depends on the criterion that they set in the selection policy. Following are the responsibilities that are expected to be infused in a competent security guard:

  • High Level Of Vigilance:

It is very important for a security officer to display vigilance while on duty. On certain occasions, there are instances when an act of vigilance can save a day for an organization. The duty of a security guard is not only limited in tackling the acts of thefts and robberies. On the contrary, a security officer is expected to keep his eyes and mind open in order to prevent any hazardous event that disturbs the procedures of health, safety, and environment.

  • Maintaining The Record Of Visitors

Every residential and organizational area is expected to bring about lots of visitors. It is very important for the security officer to maintain an up to date record of the visitors every day. The importance of maintaining a record can never be neglected because at the end of the day if any unwanted incident occurs, this up to date record of the visitors can help in the investigation process. In this way, it is easy to find out a criminal from the mix.

  • Quick Anticipation Of An Incident

Security guard agencies provide quality training to their security guards. In this way, they are capable enough to tackle any incident of theft, robbery, or extremism. The main area of this training covers the essentials which are required to strengthen their anticipation techniques. It is very important for a security officer to work out important strategies for safety and protection. If a criminal is willing to implement his strategy for any act of theft or terrorism, it is the responsibility of a security officer to have his basics covered in all the areas of the unit. In this way, the chances of an incident are greatly minimized.

· Training Regarding Undercover Operations

Apart from the patrolling and security operations that constitute the training activities of a security officer, there is a dire need for the training of undercover operations which can pave dividends for the sustainment of peace and stability in the region. The advantage of undercover operations is unimaginable because in this way, a security officer can work and carry out his functions by involving himself with the people. In this way, any mischievous activity can be quickly anticipated and strict actions can be taken to curb out the threats immediately.

Role of Security Guards in Business Organizations

A competent business organization needs a safe and secured atmosphere to work out their strategies for the sake of their survival. In the modern world of competition, every company faces a stiff competition from its competitor which ultimately requires a fresh mind with fresh ideas for survival. In this regard, a company with high-level security is bound to be protected from any act of terrorists as the security guards are expected to be trained in the best possible manner. The services of a professional security agency can be an intelligent option which may provide a long term option for protection.

Through executive protection Austin, an executive is expected to carry out his activities in the most convenient manner.

All You Must Know About the Training of Professionals Working For Companies Providing Executive Protection Austin

In world of executive protection professionals, training is the only key to success. An executive protection professional is one who is trained in basic crowd control and scouting as well as managing high risk operations in which he must provide protection to the executive and prevent physical harm. In the modern society today, executives and VIPs including celebrities, political figures, and directors of major corporations face all sorts of threats.

The more money, power, or fame an individual possesses, the more likely he is to become a prime target of dangerous kidnappers, thieves, and extortionists. To mitigate the threat of kidnapping, physical harm, and extortion, it is critical to hire a team of highly skilled professionals for executive protection Austin.

Here are some of the facts about the training of executive protection professionals that you may not be aware of.

Training Depending On the Mission

The nature of training an executive protection professional may receive depends upon the type of executive they are hired to protect. For instance, a security detail or executive protection bodyguard for a Hollywood start in Los Angeles will be given a different type of training as compared to the skills taught for protecting a high profile government official visiting a Third World country.

Background and Experience

Some of the best security companies in Austin hire executive protection professionals who have extensive experience in the field of executive protection and have served government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the United States Secret Service and the military. The reason why such individuals are usually preferred is because they already have knowledge and are fully trained in armed combat and security.

However, all such professionals are required to take refresher courses prior to being assigned the task of protecting a particular executive.

Training for Using Firearms

Firearm training for executive protection Austin individuals is limited because there are many VIP protection teams that are trained in open hand techniques for which firearms are not required. Such techniques usually involve martial arts and subject control. Firearm training is usually given to those executive protection officials who are allowed to carry firearms when given the task of protecting a high risk individual for instance, a well-known political figure.

High Risk Training

There are certain schools out there in different parts of the world where rigorous training is given to individuals ranging from one to six weeks to become a highly skilled armed security professional. Famous schools like the Tactical Mindset and The Bodyguard School are places where high risk training is given to those aspiring to become executive protection Austin officers.

Collateral Duties

Many executive protection professionals are often given collateral jobs such as a valet, driver, or assistant. Now the reason why executive protection professionals do these jobs is because protecting the individual from physical harm does not stop at high risk training. Armed executive protection officers also use various evasive and defensive driving techniques as well as planning out exit routes for safe travel.

But that’s not all; such individuals are also trained to provide emergency medical assistance and control large crowds of people depending on the circumstances faced.

The life of an executive protection professional is never glamorous since there is always the lurking danger of physical harm, kidnapping, and even loss of life which is why hiring individuals for providing executive protection Austin costs a great deal of money. Eagle Protective Group is one of the best security companies that providethe best executive protection Austin to its clients to fulfill their security needs. Don’t wait to become a victim! Contact Eagle Protective Group today.