The Importance of Hotel VIP Protection in Dallas

Hotels require the most amount of security after airports and with the recent suicide bombings in a few hotels across the globe, hotel VIP protection in Dallas and other places has become even more prominent and important. Hotels have started taking VIP protection even more seriously and are now ensuring that all areas of the hotel are secure so that any harm cannot reach the VIPs visiting the hotel.

Hotel selection is an important factor in ensuring VIP protection in Dallas. It should be ensured that the hotel where the important personalities are staying ensures their security and utilizes the best in-depth security plan. Usually, larger hotels have elaborate security set ups, which ensure greater security to VIPs. They have electronic door locks, security cameras across the venue, good safety equipment such as smoke detectors, sprinklers and metal detectors to ensure no dangerous goods are carried around the hotel. All these help in detecting and tracking unauthorized persons and ensuring they do not enter the premises of the hotel. Doing so ensure VIP protection in Dallas especially in the hotels.


hotel security vip security services dallas

All VIPs must be aware of the key security arrangements at the hotel they intend to stay. If they do not have time, their managers should look up the security plan of the hotel and ensure that the security at the hotel is effective. The sad truth is that despite having a security system, most hotels have security panels, which are not effective and prepared enough for their job, which is precisely why a greater responsibility lies with the VIPs to ensure the effectiveness of the security system at the hotel where they intend to stay.

The hotel’s geographical location plays a great impact on the security. Thus, it is best to find the best possible neighborhood. While a hotel in a far off vacant place can be dangerous too, but hotels near pubs, bars, clubs and overly crowded areas is not too safe either. These areas can have certain noticeable safety implications, which is precisely why they must be avoided in order to lessen interaction with potential criminal elements or any kind of harm. When it comes to the geographical location of the hotel, its proximity to potential kidnap risk locations must also be considered. Poorly maintained hotels must be avoided especially those that are located at the outer edges of the city.

Other factors to consider about the security arrangements at a hotel include proper vehicle entrance and exit controls along with appropriate security lighting and proper fencing and arrangement for rapid evacuation if needed in times of emergency.
All this important information must be given to the VIPs upon arrival and check-in, so the executives are aware of the location of emergency exits are located and the various escape routes in the hotel in order to ease the exists when needed in case of emergency. Hotels must take care of these security measures too in order to ensure no casualties take place and the VIPs feel safe in the hotel premises.

Do you have a Construction Site?

Construction site security patrol, Dallas, TexasToday’s topic is about Construction Site Security Guards, Dallas, Texas.

As the weather warms this summer, and more projects begin in Dallas (buildings are going up like crazy!), consider using Eagle Protective Group to protect and guard your construction site.

Construction sites, especially in residential zones can face destruction of specialized and expensive equipment. The damage caused, in some cases, can be due to troublemakers eager to make a mess, or be a total loss due to thieves. This destruction increases the expense of your project and insurance rates.

If you are a contractor with inadequate security, you and the property you are working on is a target for criminals.

You must have have a solid complete security goals to protect access to your construction site whether it is your onsite office, supplies, materials and especially your equipment.

Eagle Protective Group construction site security guards will patrol your site at any time of day or night, record detailed logs and be a visible deterrent to theft and loss.

Our security guards are specifically trained for construction site security. And according to your preference they can be unarmed security or armed security.

Every Eagle Protective Group security guard is a professional, carefully screened and fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Our construction site security guard services include:
  • Construction site access (consultants, employees in/out)
  • Escorts for onsite guests for safety and security.
  • Security patrol around site and office
  • Patrols via foot or vehicle as needed.
  • Duty logs for your records.
  • 24-hour guard service

So why leave your construction site open to criminals and troublemakers eager to steal your equipment or deface your project?  Call us now for a consultation. 

Night Patrolling Offered by Security Patrol Services in Dallas

Dallas Security Patrol Services. 

Today’s security officer is expected to be more than just a watch guard sitting and monitoring traffic entering and exiting a building. They are expected to be proactive and have the capability to predict and mitigate security threats before they materialize. They need to have skills that allow them to provide a comprehensive set of varied security services. Eagle Protective Group hires highly skilled individuals to perform these roles for your company or neighborhood.

night patrol security guards dallas

Security Patrol Services Offered by a Security Officer in Dallas

With the enhancement in job responsibilities of security officers, you will find that more and more security officers are expected to perform  security patrol services for their clients in Dallas.

Some companies in Dallas require the security officer they hire to perform security patrol services round the clock whereas others require hourly or scheduled rounds.


How Security Patrol Services Help in Provision of Security to your Dallas Property

The method of ensuring safety through patrol that the security officers of a security services provider in Dallas offers has a number of benefits for the users of such services, including:

  • Preventing and discouraging crime from occurring
  • Improving the level of security and compliance with the security protocols laid down in the company’s policy
  • Increasing the safety aspect of a set-up for customers, business partners and employees
  • Taking timely action in case of a security threat


Security Patrol Services in Dallas – Types of Patrolling

Eagle Protective Group Security officers can perform a variety of patrolling types including:

  • Foot Patrol – where the security officer follows a predetermined route to monitor a predefined area by patrolling on foot. The route can be altered and it is highly important for the patrolling officer to pay attention to the surroundings of the under their patrolling. Foot patrolling is probably one of the most common kinds of security patrol services offered to and demanded by many Dallas clients.
  • Vehicle & Bike Patrol – if the area that requires patrolling is large then the security officer may need to do the patrolling using a car or a bike. It is highly essential for security officer’s vehicle, whether it is a car or a bike, to be in a top-notch condition so they may be able to respond or mitigate security threats productively.
  • Night Patrol –the movement of the security officer for patrolling during nighttime. This is a highly important type of patrolling which requires special skills because perpetrators like to hide under the cover of darkness to make their move.


Execution of Night Patrol by Security Officers of a Dallas Security Services Providing Company

The idea to deploy security personnel to monitor the security conditions, create, and maintain a security parameter around the protected property and prevent intruders to enter hidden in the darkness is a practice that goes back decades.

Where night watchmen were hired for the job, today more and more security patrol services in Dallas prepare their security officers to perform night patrol for the clients they are assigned.

Where darkness is a patrol officer’s worst enemy, if utilized intelligently, the same darkness can prove to be their best friend! This is because security officers on night patrolling duty can themselves hide under the cover of darkness to safely observe and report any potential threats to security.

A night patrol officer of a security services providing firm in Dallas needs to carry out their duties with utmost care. Before they begin their patrolling, they need to make sure they are carrying the necessary and authorized weapons so they can protect themselves while handling security situations.

An officer on night patrol duty needs to have special knowledge about carrying and using a flashlight in an effective manner. The flashlight needs to be used strategically – in a way that it becomes a benefit for the security officer by providing them the visual help they need to identify any security lapses. But the flashlight should not become a tool that warns the intruders about the security officer’s presence and whereabouts, otherwise they may use it to their advantage, rendering a security officer’s duties useless.


How Night Patrol Officers should Deal with Security Situations

Chances are that the security officer is the only one present to deter the crime about to happen. If a security officer comes across any situation which demands attention, they are trained in techniques that can help minimize chances of the threat materializing.

The security officer is trained to request for back-up before approaching a situation which may turn into a security threat. Once they are sure of being covered, they can take the chance of entering the situation with a goal to try and mitigate the threat.

While approaching a suspicious person, the security officer will take special care about their communication skills. They will talk to the suspect in a highly polite and courteous manner so that the suspect does not react aggressively.

A night patrol security officer also knows that it is best to maintain good distance while approaching someone who appears suspicious. This provides them the room to make a move in case something unexpected happens.

A night patrol officer hired from a security services company in Dallas can effectively provide protection services to companies, neighborhoods, residential properties, retail set-ups, etc. They help in preventing crimes, including those that happen under influence of drugs or drinks. The officers can guide pedestrians, tourists and kids who had stayed out till late and help them in reaching their homes safely.

Night patrolling helps in making communities a safer place to live in. They improve security levels within the area the service is implemented and provide physical, social and mental protection to the people of the area.

If you are looking for a security services provider in Dallas to provide patrol services then Eagle Protective Group is a reputable and reliable security services provider who can provide you highly trained and professional security officers who can provide top-notch security services to you.

Make sure you have covered up your weak areas and have taken all possible measures for keeping yourself, your property and others safe from potential security breaches and threats!

Do You Need To Hire Executive Protection Dallas Services?

When there are high profile events, hosted by high profile individuals, a special and unique security situation is created.

The most targeted individuals are the executives that include businesspersons, political figures and other important personalities. Apart from the residential and commercial security systems that are now used widely around the United States, security companies are now focusing on the important personalities that are often the target of terrorists, or psychotic individuals. Keeping the level of vulnerability of popular personalities in mind, they have come up with executive protection Dallas services.

While we can never imagine when and where we might be faced with an undesirable situation, having effective security measures by our side is the smart choice in today’s world. If we recall the incident when former U.S. president, George W. Bush was attacked by a shoe, the same thing, which happened with the former prime minister of Australia, John Howard in 2010 as well and other political personalities around the world, we can learn the lesson that executive protection is becoming a necessity.

If you are still unsure, whether your executives require protection then the latest incident will scare you to your core. If you watch news regularly then you might have heard of the March 4 incident with Mark Lippert who is the U.S. ambassador to South Korea. He was attacked with a 10-inch knife by a Korean national activist. Now, if you deeply analyze the situation, if such an important personality can be attacked then we can openly say that no one is safe.

Even a country that has a bunch of safety laws in place is not capable of protecting their own executives. People and organizations have largely turned to private security companies that offer executive protection services.

If the question as to how executive protection differs from normal security protection is circulating in your head then here is what you need to know about executive protection  services.

Executive protection, alternatively known as close personal protection, refers to security measures taken to protect VIP’s because of their designation, status or popularity.

  • Executive protection mainly focuses on personal protection rather than a geographical area.
  • It may also be extended for immediate family or members of the extended family.
  • As opposed to general security measures that often include unarmed and untrained security guards, executive protection is provided by trained and armed professionals who are not just physically capable of mitigating risks but also mentally prepared for it.
  • Executive protection can also include personal escort services from one place to another.
  • Executive protection offers a more secured personal space than other security services.
  • Other protective measures in executive protection Dallas include:
    • Bodyguards
    • Home Security Systems
    • Mail Screening
    • Background Checks
    • Private Jet Travels
    • Armored Vehicles
    • Vehicle Scramble Plans
    • Top-notch Arms & Weapons
    • Other Security Communication Devices

The need to hire executive protection services depends on what does your life cost and who can benefit in case of your death? Do you need to look after your family or do you have a fortune that is at risk of being stolen or acquired illegally? Do you have connections with a highly influential and secret organization that will do anything to protect their secrets?

Not many organizations opt for executive protection because the benefits are yet to be known. Most inexperienced security providers often misguide companies and lure them into hiring their services, charging a bunch of dollars for something that they are not capable of providing.

If you are in search of a security provider that offers executive protection services, then you might want to look into a couple of things that assures you, you have handed over the responsibility of your protection in the right hands. Here is what you need to look for:

  • A Licensed U.S. Security Provider
  • Training Certificates
  • Arms & Weapons License
  • Fully Equipped Training Facility
  • Skill Set of Security Guards and Agents
  • Experience (Number of Years)
  • Client Testimonials

Now that you are all set and have the necessary information, you can assess the level of security you require according to your designation or status. Just keep in mind that nothing is more important than your life and taking safety and security measures like executive protection  services can make you feel a lot safer than any other security service.

Eagle Protective Group is a licensed security provider of executive protection Dallas services. Our clients have trusted us with their lives for years and we strive to provide them a level of security that is unmatched. For more information, visit

Safety and Protection- The Two Main Motives of Security Patrol Services in Dallas

security companies in austinThe services provided by various security guard companies are expected to bring foolproof results for the clients. Safety and protection are the two most discussed factors in the world which requires massive attention. The rise of theft, robbery and various unwanted activities has increased the role of security guard agencies. In this regard, it is necessary to avail the services of a security guard which can be a source of satisfaction for you and your family. There are efficient security patrol services in Dallas which may be an answer to your security needs.

What Are Patrolling Services?

Patrolling services department is the most efficient and reliable department of any security guard company. The main function of patrolling guards is to monitor their designated areas after certain intervals of time and to identify any sort of activity that may harm the people. Most of the times, these patrolling officers are in civil dress that performs undercover operations through their expertise but on some instances, these patrolling guards are provided by uniforms and they tend to maintain the peace and stability in the region.

Uses of Patrolling Services

The services of a patrolling officer is a must have for key institutions of a region. Through these professional patrolling officers, there is a continuous surveillance in your area and there are lesser chances of danger for the individuals residing in their particular area. Following are the areas which are under continuous surveillance of a patrolling guard

  • Key Offices:

The performance of any company depends upon the completion of documentations and data records. If the records and secret information is unsafe from the hands of a criminal, there is a definite chance that the performance graph of that company will take a downfall direction. There are key offices in every institution which demands constant check and surveillance through a patrolling guard. A patrolling officer keeps the designated under continuous observation and there are less chances for the documents present inside your key offices to be exposed.

  • Hospitals

A hospital requires a perfect security measure with foolproof arrangements. There are various medicines present in a hospital which are to be kept in the secret areas. Apart from the medicines, the presence of numerous patients and individuals hold great importance as the safety of these individuals is the responsibility of a hospital. In this regard, hospitals hire the services of a patrolling guard who efficiently fulfills his responsibility without any damage. The whole hospital is kept under continuous monitoring which ensures safety of the individuals.

  • Residential Buildings

If there are no patrolling guards in a residential area, there is a great chance that the area is under continuous threat from the terrorists and criminals. A patrolling officer is required to exhibit his professional skills when employed in a residential area. Every day we see numerous incidents of theft and murders which alter the course of safety and peace in the region. It is the responsibility of security guard companies to deploy their most skilled officers in the residential areas as the percentage of incidents in these areas is on a rise. A patrolling officer is responsible for the safety of an entire residential area and he has to carve out a unique strategy which enables him to anticipate any challenge that comes his way.

  • Schools And Universities

Educational institutions are the areas with maximum population. It is very important for the university authorities to hire a set of competent patrolling officers for the premises. The responsibility of these patrolling officers is to identify any threat that may affect the process of learning in these institutions. In addition to threats, these patrolling officers ensure the discipline of these institutions with strict security policy. In this way, not only the outsiders are bound to limit their movements in these areas, but the individuals present inside these institutions are required to exhibit a professional behavior.

If you are hiring the services of security patrol services in Dallas, you are choosing the best security guards from the best company.

Job Requirements for Hiring New Security Officers for Security Guards Services in Dallas

Security Services, Dallas.

security guard company dallasAll types of companies and business hire security guards today in order to protect not only their assets but their employees too. Work place violence is becoming far too common with a wide variety of assailants perpetrating crimes that can hinder business activities. Thus, security services in places of businesses help to avoid dangerous and emergency situations. The security guards of Eagle Protective Group are given the most important task of guarding a specific area and the people in it. The training requirements for security guards hired by security guards services in Dallas like Eagle Protective Group depends on different factors such as the level of protection required and the place where protection is needed.

Various training requirements that security guards services in Dallas comply with when hiring new individuals to their task force at Eagle Protective Group.

The Types of Security Guards

The primary job description of security guards is to protect a specific area, its people, and assets from harm but that is not the only job. There are different types of job descriptions for different types of security guards needed. For instance, a security guard may be hired to patrol the outdoor area of a college campus, company, or any other location that needs protection.

While on the other hand, a security guard from a security guards service in Dallas may be hired to sit in a kiosk and sign people going in and out of a college, workplace, or any other building. Positions open for security guards usually require males and females from a wide age range depending on the type of duties assigned to them.

Security Guard Training

Every Eagle Protective Group security guard is given special training before they are sent out to work at different companies, schools, and other places. For all security guards, having a high school diploma is an absolute must have. The next requirement for getting hired as a security guard is physical fitness since the job description involves extensive leg work at times.

Therefore, all new recruits must undergo a physical fitness test which is determined by the prospective security company as well as the type of work that will be assigned to them. If the job description requires working under potential dangerous circumstances or high alert areas, then the security guard is given training for using firearms before getting a license.

We also teach open hand techniques such as martial arts to their employees to provide a maximum level of protection to their clients at all times.

Common Misconceptions

Looking big and bad as well as having the ability to bench press double one’s body weight is not always the only prerequisite for becoming a security official. Sometimes security guards also have to do basic clerical work if it is needed. Therefore, certain important skills that a potential security guard must possess are basic knowhow of using a computer for word processing functions in order to type up an assessment of the premises as it occurred.

Years of Experience and Background

In order to get hired by a reputable security firm like Eagle Protective Group which specializes in many Dallas security services, it is important to have some on-field experience for at least a year. This is because the job requires strenuous leg work at times in order to prevent imminent danger. The reason why having a decent amount of job experience is critical is because it enables one to handle dangerous situations in an efficient manner.

Eagle Protective Group provides its clients with different security solutions depending on their security requirements. With more than twenty years of experience, Eagle Protective Group has the capability to handle any situation that may arise.

Eagle Protective Group – Devoted To Making the World a Safer Place

With over 20 years of experience in the private security industry, Eagle Protective Group has been serving a range of clients with a variety of needs effortlessly.

The system we have designed to hire employees after careful screening and background checks and the level of training provided to individuals to tackle challenges is hands-down, the best system any security provider could possibly have in place. In a bid to stay on top of the technological advancements, we have ongoing sessions to educate our security personnel on latest gadgets for communication and comprehensive security systems that will improve the level of services we offer.

Eagle Protective Group security services include the following:

  • Security Patrols

If you want your streets to be safer, then Eagle Protective Group security  include security patrols to make the streets safer for your kids to play or keep illegal activities and committers off the streets.

  • Security Guards

Commercial places like office parks, restaurants, banks and other small businesses need a form of security to prevent any unforeseen event. We have a trained force of armed and unarmed security guards to meet our client needs. Our security guards are physically fit, active individuals that are prepared to face any situation, and it mostly does not reach to the point where weapons will be required. The mere presence of a security guard should act as a deterrent to crime, which Eagle Protective Group security specializes in.

  • Personal Bodyguards

Bodyguards are an add-on feature of security guards. Personal bodyguards will protect your life from any harm that comes your way. He / she will be your closest confidant, a person you can trust with your life.

  • Private Investigation Services

Several times, a situation turns complex and confusing and you might require private investigation services. Eagle Protective Group security is capable of offering surveillance, individual and location information from all over United States. Additionally, we also provide GPS vehicle tracking, undercover investigations, litigation support, automobile insurance fraud, witness locator services etc.

  • Executive Protection Services

When it comes to VIP protection, Eagle Protective Group has a wide variety of clients who will applaud our services. Our activities, when providing executive protection to our clients, include active protection for the residence and offices or hotel suites, highly guarded escorts, risk assessments, fleet of security vehicles etc.

  • Transportation Services

Terrorists have resorted to criminal activities during travel therefore; Eagle Protective Group has introduced transportation services. We offer security to our high-profile clients during their travel, ensuring their safety until they reach their destination. Our security personnel assume their responsibilities as soon as you reach your destination to give you the complete Eagle security experience.

Eagle Protective Group hires individuals that are either, former members of the law enforcement agencies or a part of the U.S. military. Our rigorous training procedures and timely responses to emergency security calls have been appreciated by our clients. Go through some of our client testimonials on our website to get an idea of our credibility.

Eagle Protective Group security services are provided by the Eagle Protective Group, a reputed Dallas, Texas security firm. We believe in securing every street on a daily basis to make the world a safer place for everyone. For more information on Eagle Protective Group security, visit or call us on our toll free number, 888 85 Eagle. You can also contact us via email through

Executive Protection Dallas – One of Many Services by EPG

Ben Carson - VIP Protectection by Eagle Protective Group 10/21/2015This past week, Eagle Protective Group had the privilege of providing security for Presidential hopeful and author Ben Carson. At EPG, we treat our VIP clients with the utmost respect, care and seriousness. Their secure protection is important especially with so many interested parties eager to speak with our client. Our goal is to cater your security goals with our know how and create the perfect security protection detail for VIPS, businesses, residences, and individuals.

To learn a little more about our Executive protection services, read on:

Executive protection Dallas has become a major concern over the past few years. It has been a major issue at airports and hotels because these places are more likely to be visited by executives and VIPs. Gone are the days when only airports needed extra security, now hotels are not considered safe as well. Especially after the two recent bomb blasts in a Jakarta hotel at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott, which were considered safe as they have been reputed hotels. If the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott can be attacked by bomb blasts, then any hotel in the world can be and is at risk.

Executive protection Dallas is a two way process especially when it comes to providing executive protection in hotels. The first rule for executives is not to gain any negative attention or make enemies. Since executives attract a lot of envy as it is, if they make enemies it can become difficult to keep them safe especially when in public.

If the executive who requires security is particularly at threat, they must cultivate a professional network with security staff of the hotel and meet their security head to discuss and seek the advice the hotel’s security can provide them before arrival. This might seem like a hassle initially but with all the threats to large hotels and causalities that have occurred in the past, it is best to take precautionary measures.

Here are some ways to ensure executive protection in hotels from the executive’s end.

When you go to a hotel, ask for assistance to ensure safety and convenience. This assistance could mean anything from a private use of the elevator to special parking privileges, use of a private elevator, additional security patrols close to your room or suite, and so on. Also, ask your personal assistant to remind the hotel that these extra precautionary measures are taken for the security of the executive and the hotel itself.

Following this, executives will ensure their privacy and security at the hotel where they are staying. This individual effort will also help in building a stronger relationship with the hotel and its security team, which can come in handy if the executive is a frequent visitor. Also, the hotel will be able to understand your needs in a better way and will offer improved services and a high level of protection and security to the executive. It is important to remember that the executive cannot be completely safe until he or she and the hotel work together to achieve this goal.

The hotel’s security system and security staff aim to provide protection to the guests but it is on the executive to take maximum advantage from these measures. So discuss your needs with them to make sure they understand how you differ from their normal guests and the kind of protection and security you require. Once you do that, the services they provide can be rather remarkable since hotels have started realizing the importance of executive protection, it is not too difficult to achieve this goal.

EPG Security Tip: Staying Safe on Facebook

As of mid 2015, there were more than 213 millions users on Facebook in the United States and Canada alone.  Just over a quarter of them are still unaware that information they present online is publicly available to anyone because their privacy settings remain untouched.

At Eagle Protective Group, we care about our customers both out in the field and at home. Here are a few tips on how to safely navigate Facebook and keep your family safe.

Facebook is presented as a family place where you can share photos, tips, recipes and conversations with friends all over the world, but just as it’s useful for fun, it can be used to take advantage of you and your family.

Our 1st Tip: Know the person you’re connecting with.

The first tip we stress for avoiding “romance scams”, child predators, and other ilk, is to NEVER friend anyone you haven’t met in person.  This is especially important advice when discussing safety on the internet with your children and elderly parents.

And now that there’s a scam to create clone accounts based on people you DO know, it’s important to search Facebook for your friend to see if duplicate accounts exist. If they do, connect with your friend outside of Facebook to let them know a duplicate exists and connect to the correct account while they attempt to disable the false one.  

Tip Number 2 – Learn how to set your privacy settings.

Every Facebook account has a very long but useful list of privacy settings that will allow you to cater to exactly which other users you want to share your profile with on the site.

You can make your profile viewable to only friends, friends of friends, the public and you can customize each post to include or exclude users as well.

A personal profile, should be locked down and viewable only to friends, whereas a business page benefits from being available to the public. Business pages can also be locked down to disallow commenting by people eager to tear a business down with false information, and we recommend you publish comments on a case by case basis.

To enter your privacy settings, click the top right lock icon and follow every menu item, answering every question/setting that keeps your information out of public view.

Do not publish addresses, phone numbers, or birthdays to the general public, and if possible, not to your friends either. Unless you’re a business, it’s risky to include this information because clone accounts can be created, or worse, you or your family could become targets for scams later.

Our 3rd Tip: Control the use of game and other applications connected to Facebook.

You may have visited other sites or games online that allow you to sign in with Facebook. Each time you do this, you give them permission and access to information you’ve entered into facebook.

This can be a useful way to use sites you visit a lot, however, are you comfortable with sharing your data with them or allowing them to publish posts on your behalf?

If given the choice to sign in with Facebook, we recommend you go the extra mile and create a separate account to access these sites because they don’t need to know who your friends are and they don’t need to know your personal information.

And as for Facebook’s check-in feature, we do not recommend using it and if you must or really want to, do not check in until you have left the location to prevent anyone from knowing your exact location at any given moment.  This is especially important for families and young people with accounts.  When you check-in, you’re basically saying you’re not home and if your account is set up as public, you’ve just invited a thief into your home with open arms.

Our final tip: Use judgement when posting on Facebook.

Did you know that 45% of employers use Facebook when they’re interviewing candidates for a position?  When you have a profile that is public, you’re allowing these employers read your complaints and frustrations that could affect whether or not they consider you a good candidate.

Avoid sharing sensitive personal information (addresses, birthdays, locations, etc) on a profile that is publicly available for viewing.

Eagle Protective Group loves their customers, and we take great care in understanding our customer’s private security patrol needs. Whether you need us for a short event, or long term for your church or school, EPG can cater our services to fit your exact profile.

We also offer services such as:

  • Security Guard Services for Businesses, schools, and churches.
  • Private Body Guards
  • Concierge Services
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Executive Protection Agents
  • Private Investigative Services
  • VIP Luxury Living Protection
  • VIP Transportation and more!

Contact us to find out how we can protect you or your business. 


Avoiding Scams – Security Tips from EPG: The Kidnap Caper

This week, Eagle Protective Group brings you news and safety tips about a scam that is on the rise here in the United States. The scam preys on your relationships, your heart and your wallet.

At EPG, we want our customers to be safe in all facets of their lives. We’re not just a security guard company in Dallas, we’re here to protect you in any way we can.

Here’s how the scenario works:

Scammers call random (or planned numbers) looking for senior citizens or anyone they think will fall for the story they’re feeding you.
Always have a safe word with close friends , and family.

1) You receive a distress phone call. It’s from a relative, possibly your children or grandchildren.

2) They speak as if they’re in danger, or maybe they’re calling from “jail” and need bail. They may even say they’ve been kidnapped.  If it’s a kidnap, you’ll hear screaming in the background, maybe it’s your kid, you don’t know, what do you do?

3) Remain calm. The most important thing to do is something you did years ago. Ask to speak to your child, and ask for the safe word. You created a secret safe word with your child and you should keep using it through adulthood. It’s very important to have one now as it was then because this will determine if the caller is indeed your relative or child and in need of help.

4)  If they can’t give you the password, they’re mostly likely scamming you.  If the person on the phone says, “I’m in jail and they kicked or injured my throat so I sound weird, or I just can’t remember”, you’re being scammed. Scammers will debase themselves in any way possible to get an emotional rise out of you, make you worry, and make you open your wallet to post bail or ransom.

5) Hang up and call the loved one your scammer is pretending to be, and if you can, or even better, call or text them while you’re on the phone with the caller using another line.

6) Call the police. They may attempt to contact you again, record their number if possible and file a report with the police.

This type of scam can also happen via email, but it’s even more disturbing by phone. Scammers will prey on your parents, your grandparents and those who are not native speakers, anyone they think who might pay off.

It is crucial that you create a safe word (or words) with your family and close friends you rely on when horrible events happen. Never share these safe words with anyone outside the circle that needs to know them. This small token of love between you and your family could mean life, death or prevention of theft via these scammers.

Be safe, everyone.

For More Information About This Scam and How You Can Protect Yourself:

FBI warning about kidnap calls
CNBC covers “Virtual Kidnapping Scams”
A family in Texas falls for the virtual kidnapping scam.

This scam warning service is provided by Eagle Protective Group, a leader in security guard service for the Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years.

Eagle Protective Group takes great care in understanding our customer’s security patrol needs. Whether you need us for a short event, or long term for your church or school, EPG can cater our services to fit your exact profile.

We also offer Other Services such as:

  • Department Store Security
  • Security Patrols
  • Church and School Security
  • Body Guards
  • Concierge Services
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Executive Protection Agents
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